Name AV
Gender Male
Status Alive
Rank Underground Fighter
Location City of Darkness
Manhua Debut Chapter 3


AV is a tall, muscular man who towers over most people. He has shoulder length brown that is a bit curly. He wears a white mask that has small holes going from the top of the forehead down to the chin area.

He wears a black T-shirt with green pants, tucked into combat boots. He also wears fingerless gloves.


He is very warm and gentle by nature, but when he finds injustice and depicable people, he becomes a monster. AV hates those who take advantage of the weak and defenceless, watching them struggle he becomes angry.

He thinks there are no good people in gangs. He hates this kind of people.


[1]AV was once a part time professional boxer, working for an insurance company. Because of his looks he became famous and was featured in shows, television ads, and magazines. After signing a contract into the movie industry, the company decided to throw a boat party on the same evening. Upon arriving with his girlfriend AV discovered that the companies' intention was to turn him into a porn star. After AV refused the offer, he was severely beaten up and a writing was burnt into his face with a hot blade, then he was tossed into the ocean. After this incident his girlfriend disappeared. Later, AV reveals that his girlfriend was taken into the adult film industry by force. Now he spends his days searching through thousands of adult films trying trace back his beloved woman and save her.


Major FightsEdit

  • Chen Luo Jun vs AV (Black Market Arena)
  • Chen Luo Jun vs AV (Black Market Arena)
  • Chen Luo Jun vs AV
  • AV vs Wang Jiu


  1. City of Darkness manhua; Chapter 9