A Qi
A Qi
Name A Qi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Rank Chef
Affiliation Bing Shi
Manhua Debut Chapter 4

A Qi is the owner of Bing Shi.[1]






A Qi is introduced cooking and then putting food into bowl, which he serves to a older lady, telling her that is todays last egg with rice, so please eat slowly. He then annonces to the custombers the restaurant is out of egg with rice, but they have other dishes like hotdogs. When everyone leaving due to no more egg with rice, he claims it's dissapointing, until he asked his he hiring. He tells the young man yes and he'll be doing deliviveries, and asks if he has the dertermination and confidence for the challenging job. When the young man says he does, he tells him he looks pretty tough and to come back to the restaurant tomorrow. When Chou Kou Quan tells him the young man broke the rules at the arena, and asks if did do it. The young man says he did't know about the rules, as he wanted to save his freind. He tells not to worry about it and he'll be starting work at 6am tomorrow.[1]

Major FightsEdit

A Qi v Wang Jiu


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