Name Dapao
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Rank Grunt
Location Hong Kong
Affiliation Baoli
Manhua Debut Chapter 1

Dapao is a grunt that belongs to Baoli.[1]


Dapao is a man of average height with blonde hair. He is seen wearing a denim jacket with a white shirt, along with denim jeans and a brown belt.



Dapao is introduced being attacked with a hammer by Jixiang, then kicked across the room. He then asks Jixiang not to kill him, to which Jixiang questions if he's trying to tell what to do, Dapao tells him that's not what he's saying and asks for him to stop. Jixiang treatens him by telling to get money for him or else he'll feed him to the dogs. Checking through his phonebook Dapao begins to ring people asking for help. After ringing Chen Luo Jun for help, he is freed from Jixiang.[1]

Dapao later confronts a fleeing Chen Luo Jun telling him he hasn't returned the favour from when he saved him and would like thank him, but the money he owes Shi Er Shao hasn't been payed back. So he should give him a limb and when he pays back his debut they'll talk, and then laughs. Rushing forward towards Chen Luo, he is punched in the face by his attack. When Shi Er Shao suddenly appears on his motor bike, he attacks Dapao with his sword.[2]


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