Xin Yi
Xin yi
Name Xin Yi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Hair Color Blonde
Relatives Lan Nan (Cousin)
Rank Gang Head (Formerly)

Second in Command (Formerly)

Weapon Machete
Location City of Darkness
Affiliation Long Cheng Gang
Manhua Debut Chapter 5
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Xin Yi (信一)[1]




Xin Yi is introduced telling A Gui it's not his problem, after he mentions a disruption in the casino. When a man breaks into his office he tells A Gui to wait and find out why the man injured their men. The man then asks if he is Xin Yi, to which he says an answer is a promise, a word is a thousand gold, he's about credit and the city knows it. The man questions him to which Xin Yi asks can he tell the whole story. After being told about Wei Shui's robbery, he claims it's very simple. If there really is a fault on their side they'll pay him back, when he asked how long, he's told until the matter is cleared. The man tells him he's sick of his gang and if he really trust him he'll probably end up dead, Xin Yi tells him to step into his territory, injure his gang and speak on the same level as him, just one can get him killed. The man asks if he's trying to scare him and introduces himself as Chen Luo Jun claiming he isn't scared. Xin Yi says he doesn't know what happened, and until he gets to the bottom of it, he won't cause any more trouble. After staring each other down, Chen Luo claims he'll take the blame for the injuries, and now they owe the Long Cheng Gang nothing. Xin Yi informs he'll let him go, for now but once he finds out happened he'll settle things with him. While calculating the Casino's damage. As Lan Nan's arrives, he informs her Chen Luo is responsible for the damaged Casino and if he doesn't clear his name, he'll be spending the rest of his life in debt.[1]


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